The Composite Project was started to fabricate tailor-made composite bicycle frames that suits each individual's needs. Everything down to the material, finish, tubes and geometry will be designed based on each unique client specification, such as their weight, riding style, riding characteristics and bike fit. We make a bike that is truly yours, and you ride it with maximum joy and satisfaction.


We will be handcrafting a Composite Road Bicycle Frame using a mixture of carbon and natural fibre composite (NFC). Why?

Greater sense of environmental concerns, long term sustainability, cyclists close to nature and the natural world, so it's a natural fit for them to seek out sustainable materials.

1 Bikefit in our fit lab - to get your perfect geometry base for your goals and needs. Interview, physical assessment, cycling analysis and full documentation
2 Establishing your frame geometry
3 Designing your frame*
4 Frame construction
5 Paint and frame finish
6 Select components if required
7 Final bikefit

*Material selection, and wrap sequence/type. Tubes are selected to meet client's requirements of compliance Vs stiffness. Frames utilize tube to tube construction methods. We have our own proprietary methods of wrapping the joints, and your seat tube will be made out of natural fibre composite.


Price S$7000 (+$ custom paint option, ask for quote) per Frameset (Frame, fork, seatclamp). Our frames are tested to European standards, and have a lifetime warranty on manufacturing defects.

We make all our tubes and frame parts in-house to have good quality control over our frame manufacturing process. Other options like disc brakes, internal cable routing, paint options are available. Do enquire.

Timothy Lim

Timothy Lim is the engineer and head bikefitter of LOUE Bicycles. He has a strong passion for cycling and raced professionally for a continental team and his national team in road cycling for several years. He has always wanted to make his own custom bicycle frames to suit individual needs. He has learnt the art of framebuilding from several renown framebuilders in the US, and brought his knowledge of TIG welding, brazing and composite making to LOUE Engineering. Timothy is also an experienced bikefitting and instructor. He has performed more than 2800 bikefits and is a certified Retul, gebioMized and SICI bikefitter. He is also gebioMized bikefit instructor in Asia. As a Mechanical Engineering graduate specializing in precision engineering, together with his knowledge in frame building, bikefitting and cycling, Timothy hopes to build the best bespoke composite bicycle frames.