Meet the Team

Our passionate team is made up of people with unique skills in bikefitting, sports science, engineering, design and in-depth knowledge of cycling, from frame materials to the sports’ history. We want to ensure that all your cycling needs are met.

Timothy Lim
Bikefitter and Engineer
Timothy is a mechanical engineer by training and is certified by numerous bike fitting institutes around the world. He has attended and presented at several bike fit, medical, and cycling science conferences, and currently delivers bike fit training as gebiomized instructor in South East Asia.

Timothy has been a consultant to several cycling science-related research with Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and Republic Polytechnic sports sciences and engineering faculties. He is also a bespoke bicycle framebuilder, having honed his craft in TIG welding, brazing and carbon frame construction in the US.

Timothy was an elite road cyclist with the OCBC Singapore Continental Cycling Team and National Road Cycling team from 2009 – 2013. Now an avid Ironman triathlete and proud father of 3.
Steve Donohue
Design and Marketing
Based in the UK but only a call away, Steve is on hand to make sure the brand is focused. With a degree in design communications from one of the best art colleges' in England and over 17 years experience in the design industry Steve knows how to deal with the brand, not only for the team but those that visit us, making sure things are easy to understand. He also co-runs a popular cycling blog and designs for many other brands in and out of cycling.
Milestones and Accreditation
GEBIOMIZED – Lead Asia Instructor
Shimano – South East Asian Head Trainer
TREK precision fit training instructor
International Bikefitting Institute (IBFI) Level 4 bikefitter, South East Asian Representative
National Coaching Accreditation Programme (NCAP) Cycling Coach
gebioMized ISCO certified
RETUL Certified Fitter
Serotta Personal and Advanced Certified
TORKE Cycling, Body Positioning – Advanced
BikeFit Pro Level 2
Shimano certified
Leomo Motion Analysis Certified

Constantly on a quest to learn and improve, Timothy believes that by investing in learning, he is investing in his clients. He has and will continue to travel the world to interact, learn from, and share with the best in the industry.

2013-2018 OCBC Cycle Singapore Event, Official Bikefit Partner
2013 ICS (International CycleFit Symposium) Jan 24-26 (Brunel, UK)
2013 ISCO (International Symposium on Cycling Optimisation) Nov 11-12
2015 ISCO (International Symposium on Cycling Optimisation) - Workshop presenter
2015 Shimano training / instructor
2015/2016 Nanyang Technological University (NTU) Final Year Project – Industry Sponsored Project (ISP), Research Collaboration
2016 Science and Cycling Conference Jun 29-30, Caen, France
2016 Masterclass: Technology in Cycling Science, Jun 28
2016 Masterclass: Science of Cycling injury prevention, Jul 1
2016 Medical Fair Asia: Medicine and Sports Conference Sep 1 – Presenter / Speaker (Cycling Analysis: Technology and Protocol)
2016 ICS (International CycleFit Symposium) Nov 14-15 (Manchester, UK)
2016/2017 Republic Polytechnic, Sport and Exercise Science Internship Program
2016/2017 NTU School of Sports Science Internship Program
2017 Science and Cycling Conference, Jun 28-29, Dusseldorf, Germany
2017 Masterclass – Aerodynamics and position stability, Jun 27
2017 Masterclass – Identification and Treatment of Cyclists Disorders, Jun 30
2018 Science and Cycling Conference, Jul 4-5, Nantes, France
2018 Masterclass - Integration of multiple evidence based tools, techniques and systems into coherent and objective assessment of bike fit, Jul 6
2018 Kinesio Taping KT Level 1 & 2 Aug 18-19
2018 ISCO (International Symposium on Cycling Optimisation) Nov 2-3
2018 ISCO Aero Symposium powered by Garmin Nov 4
2018 Leomo Motion Analysis Certification Course by Hunter Allen Sept 12
2019 gebioMized integrating Leomo into bikefitting certification Dec