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Our primary mission is to help our clients “Smile on the Miles”.

Team, Tools and Equipment

LOUE Bicycles works with state of the art bikefitting technology for cycling analysis. We use a combination of gebioMized pressure analysis tools, the Bioracer Motion and Aero system, Shimano Dynamics Labs biomechanics cycling diagnostic tool, and our own proprietary equipment. We are also able to help clients build design their ideal custom frame, and communicate with custom frame builders to drive the design for a frame in accordance to the bike fit, and one that is truly yours. 

We work with a team of medical professionals* to ensure our cyclists are in optimum physical health. Our experienced bicycle mechanics will also help guarantee your bicycles’ performance. Together with our passion, knowledge and bikefitting expertise, we build a TEAM around you and strive to provide you with the best bike fitting services in the region.

The team of medical professionals includes sports doctors, physiotherapists, chiropractors, physical trainers, podiatrists, coaches and sports masseuse, among others.

what we do


We believe in fitting with a combination of old school direct observations and subjective impressions, and new school science with objective data, where appropriate. Based on the client’s profile and objectives, a unique dynamic bikefit protocol is designed to establish a position with the best combination of power output, comfort, endurance and efficiency. Following an evidence-based practice allows us to consistently make the right bikefit decisions for each unique individual cyclist, validating a positive outcome.
The bikefit will ensure that you will not only leave with a better position, but with the knowledge and ability to understand the advantages of proper position and riding posture.

It is not just all about tools and technology.

At LOUE Bicycles, we use sophisticated tools and technology in our fit protocols. However, it is also important for our clients and cyclists to understand that these equipment are aids to provide quantifiable data and show how much difference a change can make, and to help the bikefitter make better judgement and analysis. We invest a lot of time and money every year to work closely with carefully selected health professionals and bike fitters around the world to constantly improve ourselves and in turn give our clients maximum benefit. We believe that the knowledge, skill, experience and passion of the bike fitter and the ability to interpret the data collected, are crucial to the end result of the fit.

“You can give a painter the best paint brushes in the world, but if he cannot paint, the quality of the brushes does not matter.”


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We are dedicated to providing professional bike fitting services for cyclists from all walks of life.