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LOUE Bicycles is dedicated to providing professional bike fitting services for all level of cyclists. Our bike fit protocol is based on a combination of our years of cycling experience, knowledge, science and technology, to provide clients with the best bike fit for their objectives, goals and needs. Our mission is to help fellow cyclists enjoy every moment on their bicycles and be able to “Smile on the Miles.” We are passionate about what we do and are dedicated to ensure that you get the best experience from cycling. Whether you are on the road, at home on your trainer, or at our LAB, we will take care of your bike fitting and cycling needs. Our fit will ensure that you are placed in an optimal position based on your goals, abilities and individual cycling needs – always. You will not only leave with a better position but, with the knowledge to understand the advantages of proper position and riding posture. In addition, LOUE Bicycles works with a network of health professionals to ensure our cyclists are in optimum physical health. Experienced bicycle mechanics will also help guarantee your bicycles’ performance too.

With our network of bicycle mechanics and medical professionals together with our bike fitting expertise we build a TEAM around you and strive to provide you with the best bike fitting services in the region. Presently, LOUE Bicycles uses a combination of the gebioMized pressure analysis system and the Retul Vantage 3D Motion Analysis System as well as our own proprietary equipment. We are also able to help clients design their ideal custom frame and communicate with custom frame builders to drive the design for a frame in accordance to the bike fit and one that is truly yours. We believe in bike fitting with a combination of; old school direct observations, subjective impressions, new school science and objective data. Based on these methods we create a custom dynamic bike fit protocol, designed to establish a position with the best combination of power output, comfort, endurance and efficiency. We take this very seriously and apply it to all our bike fit services.

Listed below are the most popular services we offer, for full details on our bike fits and prices CLICK HERE (PDF 1MB).

Basic Dynamic Fit S$220

This Basic Fit is for those who prefer a less costly and simpler bike fit process. Most often, aspiring cyclists who are looking to get a new bicycle and wants to find the right size will go for this option. It is also ideal for cyclists who are unsure about their frame size and wants to make sure their bike fits them. More often than not, cyclists come in for fits only to find out that they have bicycles that do not fit. We want all cyclists to enjoy the full experience of cycling, so get a fit before buying your bike.

Custom Bike Fit S$580

For clients looking to purchase a custom built bicycle and wish to do a comprehensive bike fit. Using on our proprietary custom bike fitting JIG. After which, by using BikeCAD and the RETÜL FramefinderTM, their ideal frame size, geometry and fit measurements can be obtained. The bike fit will also allow you to purchase the appropriate accessories and components such as saddles, bars etc. for your new bike. Custom bicycles that we offer include FIREFLY, KUALIS, PARLEE and JAEGHER. We work with several framebuilders around the world.

Gift a Bikefit!

Don’t know what to get a fellow cyclist for their birthday? Buy them a bike fit voucher of course! We can prepare a gift card and special gift especially for them. This gift card will also give a 10% discount on a selected range of items. Please contact us on the details below for purchasing of gift cards and more information on what we can do for the cyclist's in your life.

Classic Dynamic Bikefit S$480

The Classic bike fit is our most popular option. This dynamic personalized bike fitting process is designed for cyclists who are looking to optimise their position, and precisely tune their position for more power, efficiency, comfort and endurance. We use the gebioMized pressure analysis system and Retul 3D Motion Capture System to analyse and provide solutions for specific problems, including pain and discomfort. Whether you are a new or professional cyclist, we treat you all the same, and ensure the best possible fit for you. It is based on a highly customized fit protocol catered just for you.

Cleat or Saddle Analysis S$170

With the gebioMized pressure sensor system and Retul 3D motion capture system, we can obtain quantifiable data to observe our changes on your bikes and components affect you biomechanically. The gebioMized pressure sensor system allows us to analyse and advise you on cleat placement, footbeds, shoe sizing, and also how you sit on your saddle and how your pelvis function when you cycle.

Packages and discounts

Group discounts – 10% off per fit when you sign up for a fit in groups of 3. We want to support cycling and proper bike fit as best as we can. If you are keen to do a bike fit but have financial difficulties (e.g. students), do drop us an email and we will do our best to support you.

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LOUE Bicycles design team was established to design, engineer and develop bicycle related products. This could be bikefit related, components, bicycle frames etc. The goal is to find innovative solutions related to bikefitting and bike riding.




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