LOUE Bicycles FAQ

We provide 6 main services:

  1. Pro Bike Fit: 4 hrs @ SGD 1050
  2. Classic Bike Fit: 3hrs @ SGD 800
  3. Essential Bike Fit: 1.5hrs @ SGD 400
  4. Saddle/Cleat Analysis: 30 minutes @ SGD 350
  5. Foot Pedal Analysis: 30 minutes @ SGD 350
  6. General Consultation: 1.5hrs @ SGD 350

Most of our clients go for the Essential Bikefit or the Classic Bikefit. It depends on what is your main motivation/issues for getting a bikefit.

Please check back with our bikefitters, who will make a recommendation based on your needs, by going to our Contact Page.

We provide 2 main bikefitting services, the Essential Bikefit and Classic Bikefit.

Both our Essential Bikefit and Dynamic Bikefit involves adjustments to the cleats, saddle and handlebar. However, the main difference lies in how in-depth we go into analysis.

For the Essential Bikefit, we dive straight into making cleat adjustments, and on-the-bike observation and analysis, after a brief interview. We base our assessment on analysis of one side of your movement (left or right) with the Motion Capture system, and, more importantly direct observation by one of our well-trained bikefit technicians. From this, we make adjustments to the saddle and bar position to put you in a balanced, safe and comfortable position. We may make some recommendations if what you are currently using fits very poorly. You will get a bikefit summary via email at the end of the session. This process takes about an hour and costs $400.

Our more popular service, the Classic Bikefit is more in-depth and costs $800. This process is more precise and accurate, and it begins with a thorough interview and off-the-bike physical evaluation (to check your functional movement, range of motion, stability and strength) to fully understand your cycling needs, physical abilities and limitations prior to on-the-bike assessment and analysis (understand your movement off-the-bike, to position you better on-the-bike). We will set your cleat position accurately with our proprietary methods and protocol. After which we proceed with on-the-bike analysis, using the gebioMized saddle pressure analysis tool (and/or foot/hand pressure analysis tool, depending on your issues) to assess the saddle and pelvis interface, and the motion capture system and camera to analyse your movement from the front, left and right to identify any asymmetries you may have. From the information we gather, together with direct observations, we can make precise adjustments to your saddle and handlebar positions, advise you, should you require any changes in equipment, posture/technique and also recommend exercises/make referrals to health professionals. This service serves to solve bikefit specific issues, and will truly optimize your position on the bike. At the end of the session, you get a thorough bikefit report via email.

The pro dynamic bikefit includes a more thorough in-depth physical assessment, CyclePRO pedaling analysis, pressure analysis on all 3 contact points (if necessary). We may recommend you to a physiotherapist to do corrective exercises, and then have you back for a review. We go all out to fully optimize your fit for maximum comfort, power, endurance and efficiency (depending which is more relevant in your case). The classic bikefit is also comprehensive and is the most popular option. It doesn’t include pedaling analysis, in which we analyse your pedal stroke and optimize it. For e.g, at which point the power phase starts/ends, whether you have dead spots, where are the dead spots and whether one leg is lazier, at which point it is lazy etc.

Our own custom frames are manufactured in Taiwan but fully designed by us. We have done a considerable amount of R and D locally (including some with Singapore institute of manufacturing technology, a subsidiary of Astar). With our engineering, bikefit and framebuilding knowledge, we can select the right tube diameter, thickness, butting and geometry to design a bike frame custom for clients. From these, we are able to alter the ride characteristics of the bike, making it stiff or compliant, depending on factors such as rider’s preference and weight. Having first hand experience in welding technology and methods, working with metals and also carbon fibre (composites), we design and manufacture some of our prototype frames in house. To date, we have designed tandems, road bikes, personal mobility devices etc.

Do come by the shop and have a look at the frames.

The process starts with a Bikefit and for us to understand your goals, cycling needs, your riding style and how cycling fits into your lifestyle. Once we figure out the bikefit, we start with the frame design after you place the deposit for the frame, if you decide to purchase. The bikefit will be 50% off, and you can use the measurements on all your bikes aka it’s transferrable(if they are the right size).

Custom frames are meant to fit you perfectly like a custom tailored suit. The geometry, ride characteristics and handling can be altered and tuned to create a perfect ride for you. Tube selection (diameter and butting, balance of frame weight and stiffness) and geometry plays a big part, and of course the finish works on how the frame looks. Basically we are looking to make a frame tailored for you only. This is our specialty as we understand bikefit, cycling and engineering, hence with our knowledge, we are sure we can drive a design for you.

Our goal is to make sure the frame fits you perfectly, based on your bikefit. We serve as a link for the frame makers to understand our client’s needs better, since they have literally no interaction with you. Gone are the days where you make a custom frame just by submitting physical measurements. It doesn’t work (well at all).

Once you receive your new frame and set up base on the components that have been recommended from the initial fit, we will do a final fit to ensure everything is in place.

As an existing customer, if you require advice on prospective bike purchases (size and component requirements), we charge a fee of S$85.

This buying advice fee is meant for service rendered or work done to establish the right size bike and component requirements based on an existing bikefit you have done. For every such enquiry, we would have to pull out your previous bikefit report, and open up the geometry chart of the bike that you’d like to purchase. We then have to use our bikecad software and key in the parameters of the predicted bike size, and then adjust the parameters (saddle position, bar position, stem length, cranklength etc) of your bikefit onto that bike. If the bike size we key-ed in does not fit, we repeat with a different size until we are satisfied. From here, we make the precise recommendation to ensure you make the right purchases.

The bikefit service after is separate and it serves as work done to ensure that your position is optimized on the new bike.

Customers will receive their bikefit report within one week of their bikefit. We require time to make the right post fit recommendations. If you do not receive your report after a week, do contact us.

We accept payment via cash, credit card, paynow / paylah or bank transfer.

We would like to stress that there will be an adaptive period after the session whereby your body and brain recognize and adapt to the new positional changes. It is advised that within the next 3-4 weeks, you ride with relatively low intensities, with a recommended heart rate of no more than 75%. This means no racing and high intensity training. (Body adapts faster under moderate loads!) Your position on the bike is now different and the motor pattern you developed in the past is no longer relevant. Therefore, in order to help your body adapt to the new position, riding at lower intensities as riding harder will only make your body want to fall back to patterns of motion that we are used to, which does not work anymore. In these 3 weeks (or over 10 rides), you may also experience occasional one-off aches on certain parts of your body (it’s ok!), which may not be of concern as the body adapts. Do also follow the recommendations in the bikefit summary as prescribed.