Bike Fit Lab
We provide professional bike fitting services for all levels of cyclists. Our methods combine real-world cycling experience, knowledge, science and technology. Together with a team of industry partners and health professionals, our mission is to help cyclists enjoy every moment on their bicycles and be able to "Smile on the Miles." What we do is ensure that you get the best experience from cycling you can. At our FIT LAB we will take care of your bike fitting and cycling needs.
Our Services
Pro Bike Fit
Our most comprehensive bikefit service.
A thorough physical evaluation combined with an in-depth analysis of all your contact points with gebioMized pressure analysis tools, and your motion with Bioracer Motion, together with gebioMized biomechanic movement analysis. We will also do a technical analysis with gebioMized cyclepro / Elite Cycling Biomechanics Diagnostics to optimize your pedaling technique.
Classic Bike Fit
Our most popular service with tools such as Bioracer/gebiomized motion analysis and gebioMized saddle pressure analysis to solve common bikefit issues and optimize your bike position. Includes thorough off-the-bike physical evaluation to understand your range of motion, strength and stability of major cycling muscles and injuries/issues.

Essential Bike Fit
Perfect for beginners or those looking to get a quick basic bikefit, fuss-free and sufficient enough to give you a safe, balanced and comfortable ride.
Saddle/Cleat Analysis
Using the gebioMized saddle pressure analysis tool to assess if a saddle is suitable for you (Up to 3 saddles, including your existing saddle if any) OR to optimize your cleat position and pedaling technique with foot pressure mats / FORPED.
Test Saddle Programme
Test 3 saddles in our saddle library over 2 weeks. (Does not include saddle installation / set up.)
General Consultation
Seeking a second bikefit opionion, frame sizing, changing saddles, additional bikes to fit, aerobars to fit on, duplicating bike position, new shoe fit, cleat changes etc. Let us know what you need help with.
Gift a Bikefit
From S$150
Don’t know what to get a fellow cyclist’s birthday for his/her birthday? Buy him/her a bike fit voucher! We can arrange a 10% discount for him/her on selected items too.
A $200 non-refundable deposit will be required to confirm your bikefit appointment.
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