Satisfied Customers

our satisfied customers

Atmas Shue

Had an awesome session with Timothy! Knowledge and experience are what make him tick!

James Yeo

Excellent Knowledge, Friendly & Very Professional. Had a Nice 1 to 1 session with Tim which was indeed very focus on all my needs. Highly Recommended!!!

Dennis Kong

Professional and high quality knowledge/ services by Loue Bicycles Fit Lab. Tim was exceptionally patience and detailed. A worthy spend to get bike fitting by him, especially thru his exceptional analyst and understanding of individual needs! Thank you very much Tim!

Paolo Paz

Just had my first bike fit a few days ago. It was an awesome experience. Tim is really knowledgeable about his craft and he is very meticulous when it comes to giving you the besr fit.
Highly recommended! I immediately felt the effects of the adjustments in my last ride!

Trishpal Singh

First time going for a bike fit session and it was excellent! Timothy was patient and meticulous throughout the whole session. He provided me with a lot of great tips and answered any questions I had. Overall a great experience and would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a bike fit.

Roland Heng

Did a bike fit by Timothy for my TT bike. Incredible result after the fit, and I have regained my confidence on the much comfortable aero position. Made adjustments on the aerobar and saddle position, and everything works magically well after which. Timothy is very experienced and extremely patience throughout the entire session, and explained everything clearly.
Highly recommended. Well worth the spending.

Ong Kheng Keong

Waited almost 2 months to get my bike fit schedule. Opted Classic Dynamic bike fit, after some questions asked by Tim, he suggested that Basic Dynamic bike fit will do. Timothy is a very patient and experienced bike fitter. Highly recommend

Joseph Diploma

Went for a general consultation with LOUE but ended up getting more than I bargained for. Timothy is very knowledgeable in his field and really knows his stuff. He also was able to identify and dial in the areas that needed improvement even without mentioning them. Highly recommended and would definitely come back!

Zoey Hwee Ting Tan

Went for my long awaited bike fit at LOUE after hearing the raving reviews from friends. Timothy is extremely knowledgeable yet patient in explaining the complexities to a ‘noob’ like me. Was very enlightened by the session and extremely pleased with the results. Could feel the drastic differences pre and post bike fit, wish I had gone for one earlier instead of ‘suffering’. Highly recommended and would return again. Thanks for helping me to smile on the miles indeed!!!